I started writing when I was fourteen. The act felt as if it purged my mind of my often negative thoughts. But that all ended when my private journal was discovered and read by a high-school teacher of mine. The contents of my journal were pretty disturbing. Within days of her reading the journal, I was an in-patient at a facility for troubled youth. Next, came a prescription for anti-depressants, and a therapist who barely said anything more than: “how does that make you feel?”

After being admitted to two other mental health facilities, I decided I had enough of depression. I also stopped writing, for fear of putting my thoughts to paper and having them read by another stranger. But as the years passed, my thoughts became less negative. Now I write semi-moral tales about gender, race, and human corruption. I often use aliens or some other spiritual being(s) as an objective gauge against human habits, practices, and struggles.

My first manuscript:

In 2002, I had a son. Then, I got deep into the pursuit of physical fitness; an excellent tool against depression. Fitness became a journey that grew on me. So much so, that I purchased a personal training course strictly for self-education. When my son was two years old, I joined the Air Force. Then, before deployment, I got kicked out, due to my previous history of depression. But during my brief time of enlistment, I earned three medals for fitness excellence. Including the highest rewards for physical readiness: Top PRT and Warhawk. It was then that I learned I was a natural athlete.

My first completed manuscript:

I really wanted to live out my military career. I wanted medals for battle, bravery . . . something. With that dream dashed, and going back to being a civilian, I decided to work as a personal trainer. There’s no money in it. But I learned something about my clients. Most had trouble adapting to a healthy lifestyle. In response, I started writing a step-by-step fitness book, that instructed the reader to put the book away after every chapter. Each chapter offered a healthy habit to incorporate in the reader’s life, along with a prescribed length of time to get accustomed to the change. The manuscript was not designed to be a crash course like the average how-to-book. I never completed the manuscript. Non-fiction was too dry for me. But the project has not been abandoned. The book will be completed one day . . .

My second manuscript:

It’s 2012, and I’m working as a technical support rep at Time Warner Cable, ugh. That job made me feel like an official loser. So I began daydreaming. I created a world in my head that was everything I wished my life was. There was just one catch — I had to die to get there.

As we all know, everything in this life is not long-lasting. But when one ponders death, anything is possible because it is the unknown. With is idea came my second manuscript, End of One. The story enabled me to sort of live out my war fantasies. Men and women with the spirits of warriors, protect the living after they die. But what are they protecting us from? And what is their existence like in the afterlife? Do they retain earthly feelings and tendencies? The reader will learn the answers. The manuscript was fun to write, but once I believed it was complete, I realized how poorly written it was. It was horrid, really. The story was too high-concept for me to take on at the time. I needed more practice writing what’s already familiar to me.

My third manuscript:

The Warrior from Monde also entitled: The Warrior’s Seed and Courier of Light at some point. This novel takes place in Monde, a fictional version of France. The plot embraces my fascination with aliens, the afterlife, science fiction, and warriors. I will not share much of the story now. But I have had eleven beta readers (and counting) who have given me fair reviews. To be honest, I lost two or three betas in the beginning — they sort of fell off the face of the earth. But, the aforementioned eleven readers, are those who read the manuscript to the end. Along the way, I received varying levels of criticism. But nine out of ten of my readers enjoyed the Manuscript. I love a reader who can dissect my manuscript, and get into a real analysis of the plot and characters. I was lucky to have several of those. Going into my third year on this manuscript; writing and sharing, I know The Warrior from Monde is the right choice for my breakout novel.

My goals:

The traditional publishing route is my goal. Why? I have a lot to prove as a young, first time writer. If I were to self-publish, the only person standing behind me, would be myself. I don’t meet the traditional science fiction writer profile, and I want to sell. I don’t want to be judged before my book is even put in an Amazon shopping cart. Obtaining a publisher would give me the backing necessary to gain footing as a writer. My deadline to start submitting to agents is Fall of 2015.

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