How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects

In this post, I will offer several tips on how to compose well-rounded client-based proposals. Proposals are an everyday tool in the business world. Whether you're a freelancer seeking clients or part of a large, established corporation, proposals are the framework used to initiate and conduct Business2Business working relationships. A poorly crafted proposal can lead … Continue reading How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects

Personal Branding and Professional Writing

The modern, interconnected world has many perks, but sometimes I crave a simpler way of life: a world in which people don’t have to submit to online self-promotion to elevate their potential in the job market; a world wherein personal branding only exists for business empires, not individuals. Regrettably, I don’t live in a simpler … Continue reading Personal Branding and Professional Writing

A Writer’s Progress: Looking to the Future

Current readers and newcomers, as I shared a couple of years back, I'm in the process of completing a B.A. in English. I'm finally a senior. This website was created to advertise the science fiction social commentary book I completed in 2014, The Warrior from Monde, a book written by someone whose highest education level was high school. … Continue reading A Writer’s Progress: Looking to the Future