The Stupidity of Assumptions

All my life, I’ve dealt with race-related assumptions made against me. There’s nothing more frustrating and emotionally distorting than being judged and treated as someone you are not. I am an individual. My upbringing formed me and my siblings into unique individuals. The outside world is unfamiliar with this and won’t accept it. Nonetheless, it’s … Continue reading The Stupidity of Assumptions

Update on S.N. Petro’s Book Series

Why is The Warrior's Seed no longer on Wattpad? What's up with the S.N. Petro series? Who is S.N. Petro? The video below has all the answers, and just might be the most boring video you'll watch all 2016. Believe me, I tried to redo this video many times. This is the best I could do … Continue reading Update on S.N. Petro’s Book Series

Yes, I’m Still on a Break — but I’m Not Gone!

I'm dedicating my time to furthering my education in writing. I've learned a lot from completing my first book, The Warrior's Seed. My mission now is to reduce the amount of time I spend editing my works and worrying about what my audience or family may think if I say what I really want to … Continue reading Yes, I’m Still on a Break — but I’m Not Gone!

Writers, If You Beta Read, Read Before You Comment

After completing my first manuscript in 2014, I joined a writer's group via A book by public speaker and writer, Brian Tracy, motivated me to find a writer's group to learn from, support, and network with other writers. That's not a bad idea at all. However, I learned that many fellow writers can't turn … Continue reading Writers, If You Beta Read, Read Before You Comment

My Newest Query Letter Version

I've been grinding away at my query letter for over a year, but more intensely over the past month. I think I've achieved the goal of giving a general idea of the story, while managing to sprinkle some life into the sentences. I'm not really sure, but I hope so. Read on. The Warrior from Monde, complete … Continue reading My Newest Query Letter Version