The Trinity to Attracting Employers: Resume/Portfolio/Website

Research job descriptions for your desired profession Before constructing a resume and curating a portfolio, learn what employers are looking for. Research job listings and read job-recruiting blogs to understand what skills, education, and experience employers are seeking. From that knowledge think about how your resume and portfolio can be molded to meet employer’s needs. … Continue reading The Trinity to Attracting Employers: Resume/Portfolio/Website


3 Approaches to Writing Book Reviews

This post is about how to write a book review, as implied by the title. I have my own approach and ideas about how to review a work: stay open-minded; don’t jump to conclusions a few pages into a book; ask what messages the author is trying to convey; etc. Still, to aid my reviewing … Continue reading 3 Approaches to Writing Book Reviews

Crafting a Professional Portfolio

A professional portfolio is a showcase of one’s best work, crafted to be confidently presented to prospective employers. For a writer, a portfolio should be composed of the writer’s best-written, most-polished material. This post was written to aid anyone new to compiling a professional portfolio and focuses on writing professions. Tips in this post are … Continue reading Crafting a Professional Portfolio

On the Career Path: Freelance Writing Versus In-House Writing

In August, I’ll have a B.A. in English Professional Writing. My ideal post-graduation profession is freelance writing, with time to work on my personal projects. As such, writing within the confines of a company’s office (aka in-house writing) is not my preferred work situation. However, I acknowledge the real possibility of my having to take … Continue reading On the Career Path: Freelance Writing Versus In-House Writing

Exploring an Editing Career

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my career prospects as a university senior of English professional writing. Technical writing, editing, and marketing are the prospects I briefly touched on. This post takes a deeper look into editing as a job prospect for a recent college grad or for anyone with a degree that will qualify … Continue reading Exploring an Editing Career

How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects

In this post, I will offer several tips on how to compose well-rounded client-based proposals. Proposals are an everyday tool in the business world. Whether you're a freelancer seeking clients or part of a large, established corporation, proposals are the framework used to initiate and conduct Business2Business working relationships. A poorly crafted proposal can lead … Continue reading How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects

Personal Branding and Professional Writing

The modern, interconnected world has many perks, but sometimes I crave a simpler way of life: a world in which people don’t have to submit to online self-promotion to elevate their potential in the job market; a world wherein personal branding only exists for business empires, not individuals. Regrettably, I don’t live in a simpler … Continue reading Personal Branding and Professional Writing