Exploring an Editing Career

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my career prospects as a university senior of English professional writing. Technical writing, editing, and marketing are the prospects I briefly touched on. This post takes a deeper look into editing as a job prospect for a recent college grad or for anyone with a degree that will qualify … Continue reading Exploring an Editing Career

How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects

In this post, I will offer several tips on how to compose well-rounded client-based proposals. Proposals are an everyday tool in the business world. Whether you're a freelancer seeking clients or part of a large, established corporation, proposals are the framework used to initiate and conduct Business2Business working relationships. A poorly crafted proposal can lead … Continue reading How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects

Personal Branding and Professional Writing

The modern, interconnected world has many perks, but sometimes I crave a simpler way of life: a world in which people don’t have to submit to online self-promotion to elevate their potential in the job market; a world wherein personal branding only exists for business empires, not individuals. Regrettably, I don’t live in a simpler … Continue reading Personal Branding and Professional Writing

A Writer’s Progress: Looking to the Future

Current readers and newcomers, as I shared a couple of years back, I'm in the process of completing a B.A. in English. I'm finally a senior. This website was created to advertise the science fiction social commentary book I completed in 2014, The Warrior from Monde, a book written by someone whose highest education level was high school. … Continue reading A Writer’s Progress: Looking to the Future

Deconstruction of “Cross” by Langston Hughes

Below is the exact paper I turned in for my Literary Criticism class in the fall of 2016. This is a deconstruction from a black American female's point of view -- my specific point of view and interpretation -- of the poem. The word choice of the speaker in “Cross” suggests that he is aggrieved by … Continue reading Deconstruction of “Cross” by Langston Hughes

Update on S.N. Petro’s Book Series

Why is The Warrior's Seed no longer on Wattpad? What's up with the S.N. Petro series? Who is S.N. Petro? The video below has all the answers, and just might be the most boring video you'll watch all 2016. Believe me, I tried to redo this video many times. This is the best I could do … Continue reading Update on S.N. Petro’s Book Series